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Furnished Apartment or Hotel?

Choosing a Long Term Furnished Apartment or Stay at Hotel?

In the wake of the Global economic recession, the travel industry throughout the world has taken quite a hit. Even tourist hotspots like Paris, London and Rome have experienced declines of nearly ten percent.

We also know that guests are spending far less money than they did in the past. More often than not, this means short vacations and more affordable forms of accommodation. In this article we will discuss the advantages of staying in an apartment rental rather than a hotel.

Apartment or holiday rentals have been popular in Australia for quite some time. If you have never stayed in one, they are really nothing more than furnished apartments that are rented out on a nightly or weekly basis. For years, they were extremely popular with travelling businessmen, but due to the recession, regular tourists are finally starting to take heed of them.

Why stay in an apartment over a hotel?

For starters, furnished rentals are less expensive than hotel rooms. On average, an apartment rental is twenty percent less than a comparable hotel room. Discount rates for extended stays may also be available.

What else? Well, there is also the privacy issue. When you stay in a hotel you have to deal with crowded lobbies and lifts, officious bellboys and chambermaids, not to mention the other guests. But with a vacation rental you can keep to yourself.

Last but not least, a furnished rental has a fully stocked kitchen. This is a godsend for folks who are travelling on a shoestring budget or those who want a home cooked meal every now and again. After all, room service and restaurants can be quite expensive in a foreign country. If visiting the land down under any time soon it can be Australian travel made easy

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