How does housing anywhere work?

Housing Anywhere has rooms offered in 500+ cities and 100+ countries. It is free for your students to sign up, search for a room, and contact an advertiser, and your students are only charged once they have found a room. Our secure booking service enables students to transfer money to the advertiser safely, and they can get a full refund if the accommodation is not as described

Starting out as a subleasing platform on which exchange students could let out their own rooms while going to study abroad, housing Anywhere has soon grown to be one of the biggest names of study abroad housing options. Its large user base and extensive coverage (in over 400 cities across the globe) means that there is plenty of current traffic to wade through- for once, a good thing! It collaborates with over 130 universities, so they’re pretty legit, and there are plenty of different accommodation options (rooms, studio apartments, etc.).

Pros: Super fast & friendly customer support (who wants dozens of template emails as replies?), large and trusted user base, lots of filter options, easy to use, 48-hour safety cancellation policy, a nice map view of listings.

Cons: Service fee to ensure seamless bank transfers (but that’s not such a bad guarantee when dealing with a lot of foreign money, or?), not so many options in all countries

How this works is when your student books a room through housing Anywhere, then they transfer the first month’s rent + service fee to housing anywhere. Housing Anywhere will keep hold of the funds until their move-in date listed on the booking. When the student arrives in the new room, he/she has 48 hours to check if it is as advertised. If everything is OK, Housing Anywhere transfers the money to the advertiser.

HousingAnywhere is the world’s largest rental accommodation platform for mid-term rentals. By joining HousingAnywhere, you get access to our verified pool of international students and young working professionals, looking for accommodation.

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Our international tenants are looking forward to booking your properties! Get started by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Get started!

On the top right-hand side of our homepage, you will see a button called ‘I am a landlord’. Click on it and then on ‘List your property for free’.

In the next page, specify whether you’re looking for roommates or you’re renting out entire properties. Add all the required information, including your phone number, and then click on ‘continue’.

Step 2: Provide your basic info

Fill out the basic details regarding your property, including the available dates, the address and the rent. To ensure that your potential tenants know whether they can rent your property, select the start and end date of your property’s availability. Then click on ‘Next’.

Step 3: Add more details

Here you can add all of your listing details. Be as specific as possible, and don’t forget to add photos, videos and floor plans!

If you’d like to make your listing even more competitive and engaging, you can book a photoshoot with our partner BOOM Image Studio; a group of professionals will take fantastic photos, videos and floor plans of your rooms, so you won’t have to go through the hassle of producing and editing the media yourself.

After you’ve selected the right options regarding your house rules, the type of tenant you’re looking for and all the additional costs, you need to tick the box at the bottom to agree with the HousingAnywhere terms and conditions. After that, you can click on ‘publish listing’.

Step 4: Verify your phone number.

Now that you’ve completed the previous steps, it’s time to verify your phone number. You’ll receive a verification code on the number you’ve previously filled in. Enter the verification code and then click on ‘verify’.

This is a crucial step! If you don’t verify your phone number first, your listings simply won’t appear on our platform.

Step 5: Real-time messaging

Your listings are now online! You’ll now be able to receive messages from our users. Our real-time messaging system allows both parties to view new messages without having to refresh the page instantly. All communications stay securely put on the platform and enable fast interaction.

Make sure you answer your potential tenant’s messages as quickly as possible. Find more information on how to use your inbox here effectively.

Step 6: Send an invitation to book

Now that you’re in contact with your potential tenants, you can either send them an ‘invitation to book’, or accept their ‘booking requests’. Generally, advertisers that send out invitations to book find tenants three times faster. If you receive a booking request, you will receive notifications via email or SMS regarding your listings’ activities.

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Advantages for tenants:

Peace of mind: Housing Anywhere provides many safeguards to protect tenants from being scammed. By paying outside housing Anywhere, they are exposed to risks of fraud such as money-transfer scams.

Secure payment: They do not transfer their payment to the advertiser’s account without having seen the room. Housing Anywhere keeps their money safe until they move into the room.

Online booking: Book their next home before they arrive in their new city. They save on the cost of a few weeks in a hotel, meetings with agencies, visits, and administrative procedures. They just have to unpack their suitcase in a furnished room.

A guarantee that the room will be as described: When they move into their room, they have 48 hours to check it and to notify housing Anywhere of any problems. If the room is not as advertised on the listing when they booked it, they will be eligible for a full refund.

Get their new address several months in advance: When they are going on exchange abroad, a university may ask them to have already an address to validate their admission. They may also need it in order to get their visa if they come from a country outside the European Union.

Invoice: When they book with housing Anywhere, they will receive an invoice for their booking. The invoice is for the service fee, and in the description, the monthly rent is stated. This can help them when applying for a visa, for example.

Housing Anywhere offers many benefits for your students. And if they have any questions or issues, we have customer service available in 10+ languages to make it even easier for them. 

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Find Study Abroad Housing with HousingAnywhere

After you’ve been accepted into the study abroad program of your choice, it’s time to start focusing on the details of your trip- including finding housing. Housing is an important part of your study abroad journey as it can either add or hinder your experience. When starting your search for study abroad, housing a good place to begin is with HousingAnywhere as they’re active in 500 cities around the globe and designed with study abroad students in mind. The HousingAnywhere team is made up of more than 25 nationalities, and a majority have had their own experience studying and working abroad- which means they know the importance of finding safe, reliable and affordable housing outside their home country.

HousingAnywhere connects international students like you directly to housing options in the location where you’ll be studying. It has partnerships with over 130 universities, and accommodations in 62 countries, so you can easily find the right place to stay when studying abroad. Instead of searching through numerous websites, with Housing Anywhere you can compare available and verified accommodations near your study abroad location.

While relatively new to the online housing platform, the company understands the anxiety a parent may be experiencing and the stress a student may be feeling. Housing Anywhere says the three biggest factors parents and students look at when considering a place to live are budget, time, and flexibility. And while the best apartments and rooms go quickly, using platforms like theirs can save you a lot of time and hassle and help a student stay clear of some of the pitfalls and scams.

What are some issues to be aware of as you look for housing abroad? Housing Anywhere says these are four things to consider:

Good location, below-market prices

Housing Anywhere said, “If an apartment or a room has an excellent location and is below the average rental market price, then, unfortunately, it has a high probability of being a scam. Housing Anywhere works to ensure properties advertised on their site really exist, and are generally quick to spot a scam before it affects your pocketbook.” 

Owners who do not answer

“Sometimes, the owners are not very agile when it comes to answering students who are looking for an apartment. When someone uses housing Anywhere, owners who are slow to respond or do not respond to queries are penalized so that their ads do not appear in the top positions on our platform. But regardless if you use our platform or another, we strongly recommend arranging a video call to get to know the owner of the future home before making the reservation.” Some questions housing Anywhere suggests asking an owner:  

  • How do they want the rent paid?
  • Does the rent include bills?
  • Has the owner rented before (particularly to international students)?
  • Are there any deposits or non-refundable fees, and what are they for?
  • What’s the owner’s subletting policy?
  • Does the owner allow early contract terminations, and if so, what are the fees?
  • Will you be able to renew the contract if you want to, or even go month-to-month afterwards?
  • Are guests allowed to stay?
  • Are there any house rules to abide by?

Unusual student data is required

“To protect its users from potential scams, players in the collaborative economy have very clear and well-established rules of the game. The great thing about using a platform like ours is that if a student is told they must make payments off the platform or any type of procedure that is not in accordance with the policy of the platform, the student must notify the community and not make the payment. In Housing Anywhere, all advertisers are verified, and all transactions include the anti-fraud payment system. In this way, the transfer of the first month’s rent is made once the student has seen and verified their new home. This should be the standard, not the exception.”

Ads with few images

“If an ad does not include floor images or some images are repeated in multiple ads, it is best to discard it. To prevent this from happening, all ads that appear on the Housing Anywhere platform are optimized to include all relevant information.”

Moving to a new country to study can be stressful and trying to find a place to live before you have even seen it, is definitely a leap of faith. Housing Anywhere stressed that asking lots of questions of the owner of an apartment or room is essential; using Facebook and the Internet to learn more about the neighbourhood is key, and using a platform likes theirs to ensure the place is real and the owner doesn’t get paid until you are moved in, can save you a lot of headaches in the long run.

Why Choose Housing Anywhere?

HousingAnywhere not only takes out the hassle out of the study abroad housing search, but it’s also a safe option. When renting a room or apartment, most landlords require a non-refundable deposit and first month’s rent up-front, which can be worrisome if you have not viewed the property in person or are located outside the country when making the payment. However, once you’ve chosen your study abroad housing through HousingAnywhere, your first month’s rent is held securely until 48 hours after you move into your new place. Only once you’ve safely arrived and confirmed that the accommodation meets your expectations will they transfer the payment to your landlord/rental advertiser.

Here are just a few other reasons to include HousingAnywhere in your study abroad housing search:

  • Ease: You can quickly filter accommodations that meet your needs based upon move-in date, accommodation type, price and location.
  • Safety: HousingAnywhere ensures that rental advertisers have gone through and passed their verification process. You also have the guarantee to move into the exact place you booked.
  • Options: There are numerous rental choices available to compare. Plus, when interested in a rental, you have the chance to connect with the rental advertiser and make sure the property, booking dates and rent is a good fit for you
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