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Why Serviced Apartments

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    A serviced apartment is a fully furnished apartment that can be rented for both short and long-term stays. For their guests, it offers a wide range of amenities, including housekeeping, laundry, kitchens, and more.

    There are many similarities between Shepparton serviced apartments and a traditional hotel, but they also include additional convenience, space and privacy like a home.

    Are you a traveler and looking for a best and comfortable accommodation for staying? If so, then check out some top reasons to skip your stay in the hotel and opt for a luxury serviced apartment.

    1. A feeling of home away from home: Luxury serviced apartments are also known as short-term rentals or corporate housing is a kind of accommodation that offers a place like a home to stay.

    Hotels are considered as a most impersonal place with no privacy but a luxury serviced apartment makes you feel like you are staying in your own house, making you more feel more comfortable.

    1. Ideal for business travelers: People who are moving or relocating to a new place, executives who are traveling for some business meetings and official gatherings can choose Sheppartonserviced apartments  as an accommodation.

    Avoiding the feel of a hotel and enjoying the amenities like broadband internet connection, TV, and fully equipped kitchen at an inclusive cost can make an exceptional stay for the business travelers.

    1. Freedom and more space:A hotel room can restrict the way you live, but a serviced apartment allows you to live the way you want.

    It gives you a space to make meetings events, and also useful for families especially if you are relocating. It offers a separate place for eating, sleeping, relaxing and working.

    1. Saves money: Serviced apartments are the perfect option in terms of economic and lifestyle. Rates are according to per apartment and not according to per person so this can be considered as a significant financial saving option if you want to share the apartment with colleagues or friends.

    Serviced apartments have fully featured or equipped kitchen, eliminating the need to eat out all the time which helps in saving a lot of money.

    Fully Furnished Apartment: Why They Are Beneficial For Temporary Stays

    Do you travel a lot due to work or maybe just to have fun? Staying in hotels for a longer time period can prove to be very uncomfortable and expensive. You will probably start feeling suffocated after spending a few days in a small room of a hotel.

    Hotel rooms are often small in size and do not offer the same comfort level as that offered by a home. They do not even offer you the facility of a living room or a fully furnished kitchen. You are forced to eat food either outside in a restaurant or in the hotel itself.

    Find an alternative

    In order to save money and still have a good time on your trip, you need to find a good hotel substitute. Fully furnished apartments are available. You'll be able to enjoy all of the comforts of home in these apartments.

    Shepparton is one of Australia's most renowned business centres. The best Shepparton Serviced Apartments can save you a lot of money if you're here on business and need a place to stay. It's easy to find a furnished apartment in this neighbourhood.

    The following are some of the advantages of renting a fully furnished apartment that I feel strongly about emphasising:

    Fully furnished

    These accommodations are equipped with high-quality furnishings that you won’t get in standard hotels. These furnishings include a comfortable king-size bed, sofa, cabinets, etc. In some Shepparton Furnished Apartments., you may also find facilities like gyms, pool, laundry service, etc.


    Fully furnished apartments are a lot more reasonable than staying in a luxury hotel. These living spaces offer a cheap alternative for those looking for comfort as well as amenities.

    Fully equipped kitchen

    Unlike hotels, you can cook your own food in the fully equipped kitchens provided by these apartments. This will make sure that you are eating balanced and healthy meals while staying away from your home.

    These were some of the benefits provided by fully furnished apartments. To read further on serviced or fully furnished apartments, you may click here.

    FAQ About Accommodation

    Where do most expats live in Australia? Perth has been incredibly popular with expats for years, with roughly a third of the population estimated to be made up of migrants. Other popular destinations include Sydney and Melbourne, particularly for young people and professionals.

    Renting a property has never been more expensive, as new data shows prices are soaring amid Australia's cost of living crisis. Rents hit record highs across the country's combined capitals, according to Domain's Quarterly Rent Report, with Canberra still the most expensive city for houses and units.

    Historically, housing unaffordability in Sydney has been blamed on a couple of factors. One is that the housing supply in Sydney is simply not keeping up with the demand of a growing population. A lack of land release is also cited as driving up property prices in Australia's largest centre.

    A third of Australian households rent their home. Rental statistics in Australia show that 31% of Australians live in rented homes, up 4% from 20 years ago. Specifically, 26% of all Australian households rent from private landlords (up 6%), while only 3% from state or territory housing authorities (down 3%).

    And it turns out Perth has the wealthiest neighbourhoods in the country. Residents of Cottesloe and Peppermint Grove in the Western Australian capital boast an average taxable income of $325,343 apiece.

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    L'Barza Apartments offer short and long term accommodation for those who are looking for a superior level of accommodation, service and quality in Shepparton. We are a little different than other serviced apartments, in that you feel at home from the moment you arrive, as you don't walk into a reception or lobby area.

    You have questions regarding our services please feel free to contact us.

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